FIELDWORK is run by a team of artists (The Collective) that volunteer their time and energy to make FIELDWORK a vibrant and dynamic destination for the creation and experience of site-specific artwork in and around a field in eastern Ontario. Susie Osler, Chris Osler, and Sheila Macdonald are the present members of the FIELDWORK Collective. They look after the site, co-ordinate and promote projects, share administrative duties and make joint curatorial decisions. And from time to time they also create their own FIELDWORK installations. Barbara Meneley and Erin Robertson have also been active members of the FIELDWORK Collective.

FIELDWORK began in July 2008 with the installation Spec-u-late (Chris Osler) followed by Migra-scoping (Chris Grosset, Autumn 2008),  Winter Gestures/Beacon Whispers (Susie Osler, Winter 2008/09), and Heavenly Blue (Erin Robertson, Spring 2009). These first installations can be found on our first blogsite www.fieldwork.blogsome.com

The project has been fortunate to receive the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council since 2008. 



ANNETTE HEGEL, KIMBERLY EDGAR, FRANC VAN OORT, REINHARD REITZENSTEIN & GAYLE YOUNG, CHRISTINE NOBEL & BRIAN BARTH. Continuing installations: Dan Nuttall, Bozica Radjenovic, Erin Robertson, Sheila Macdonald, Stefan Thompson, Geoff Wonnacott, Zone Vert


CareyJernigan and John Haney (collaboration), Barbara Cuerden and Karina Kraenzle (collaboration), Marc Walter, Lisa Creskey and Susie Osler (collaboration), Geoff Wonnacott, Zone Vert.  Continuing installations:  Bozica Radjenovic, Stefan Thompson, Uta Riccius, Chris Grosset, Leah Decter, Erin Robertson, Sheila Macdonald, Laura Hale


Leah Decter, Laura Hale, Sheila MacDonald, Ute Riccius, Erin Robertson.  Continuing installations by Stefan Thompson, Bozica Radjenovic,Chris Grosset and Dan Nuttall.


Spring/Summer:  Sylvia Pendl,  Barbara Meneley, Susie OslerAlicia Marvan.  Continuing installation by Dan Nutall
Autumn/Winter:  Joan Scaglione, Chris Grosset, Bozica Radjenovic, Stefan Thompson.  Continuing installations by Susie Osler and Dan Nuttall.


Spring/Summer:   Bakerygroup, Jennifer Ryder-Jones, Michael Alstad, Steven White  Susie Osler at the New Art Festival in Ottawa, June 4/5
Autumn/Winter:   Karina Bergmans


Summer: Dan NuttallFlower Lunn (2 installations)
Autumn: Jesse Stewart, Kelly Price (online installation)
Winter:  Marc Walter


Summer: Real and Barbara Eguchi 
Winter:  Henny Kjellberg (Winter 2009/10)
Spring:  Cynthia O'Brien (Spring 2010).